Initially the Pipeline Service Department of Gulmar Offshore Group was created in 2003 to provide services to Oil and Gas Companies within the Middle East, South East Asia.

This Service Department being fast growing and acting in different know how from its mother Company’s core activities,. GULMAR Offshore Group and the management of the Pipeline Services Department have agreed, in 2008, to develop a new Profit centre exclusively dedicated to the Pipeline Services and online inspection and related manpower services in order to focus and serve better its dedicated clients and prospects.

On the 1st of June 2008, ROUGE LLC - Pipeline Services was created as an independent Company, sharing the GULMAR Offshore Group’s values, procedures and Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental policies and manuals.

ROUGE LLC - Pipeline Services has mobilized its management team, technical specialists and the support staff in a constant effort to implement the provisions outlined in the Integrated Management System to assess its effectiveness and to ensure constant feedback in order that the system may evolve in line with the Group’s objectives and the clients’ best interests.

Objectives & Missions
The Management’s vision for the next five years can be summarised as follows:

• Maintain zero injuries and lower the LTA.
• Improve constantly quality in engineering and operation.
• Increase turn-over within the coming 5 years.
• Reach a profitability of 15% of annual turnover.
• Maintain and increase a strong presence in the Middle East / Arabian / Persian Gulf / North Africa and S.E. Asia.
• Increase marketing and operational coverage of other regions.

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